Monday, September 10, 2012

Heading to Country Living Fair Ohio

I will soon be heading to Columbus, Ohio for the Country Living Fair.  This will be the fourth year I have attended.  Let the shopping begin.  So much to see and do at this fair.  Very well organized.

So much fun at Bethany Beach.  The boys love the ocean and the sand.  Ahhh brotherly love.

Day at HersheyPark with the Family

Elden planning his next adventure.....
Auric and Tim......
My favorite ride of all time...............

What happened to summer........

I can't believe I have not posted since June.  So sorry.  The summer got away from me in many ways.
Enjoyed spending time with my grandsons of course.  Crafting and painting etc.

Here is what I have been up to.....
and before that....

Friday, June 29, 2012

One of my sweet little books. 

In case you ever wondered.....what kind of mess I make when I am working on a project.  This is "some" of the mess.  I recently visited a blog that I love by Nancy Maxwell James called Sugar Lump Studios.  She does a lot of work with Paper Whimsy pictures which I happen to love.  She recently did a sweet little book using PW photos and some "left overs" (scraps).  I ended up with two sweet books of my own and about a 6 foot square mess to clean up.  So worth it.
This tiny rose bush puts out the lovliest roses on these nice long stems but the bush itself is a sight for sore eyes.  It can hardly even be called a bush.  It looks like a couple of sticks with roses on top.

Spent a day at Hersheypark with the boys.  Elden rode my favorite ride twice with me.  Auric and I rode the cars and he drove.  We had a fun day. 
Elden turned 6.  As you can see is one happy kid.  He is ready to take on the world everyday. 
John brought home a hugh box of blueberries.  I thought how could we eat that many blueberries so I  mixed up some pie dough and added blueberries and just kind of pulled the crust up over and Viola!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crafty Apron

I wanted an apron to wear while crafting in my studio that would help inspire me.  With a 50% off coupon in hand my friend EB and I went to Michaels and I picked up this pink plain bib type apron for $2.99.  We then stopped at the local antique market where I found this round table topper with this wonderful lace trim and stitching.  I just cut off a portion of it to fit the apron and sewed it on and applied some trim from the Fabric Outlet (next door) with Fabri-tac.  I added lace at the top that was cut off a portion of the fabric. 

Mini Book Making Class

Lynne Spurlock held this class at my friend Jean Van Brederode's Studio.  We all made these adorable tiny Booklace's (book necklace).


Last year was one and now there are three.  They are just too fun to create.



Something we look forward to every May is the Greek Festival held in Camp Hill, PA by the Greek Orthodox Church.  Lots of great music and entertainment and most of all the wonderful food.  It takes us back to our trip to Greece if for just one day.  So many great memories.  But now we can head over to Mechanicsburg to a new greek restaurant that just opened and they have a wonderful variety of greek food to choose from.  Did I mention the deserts??  Baklava Cheesecake......ummm.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage Hankerchief Scarf

                                               Finally finished my vintage hankerchief scarf.
                                                              Can't wait to wear it.

Scones and Tea English Breakfast

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


                                             I love my Peonies and can't wait til they bloom

May Flowers

Clematis in my backyard

Trip to Arizona

I had a wonderful time visiting my friend Glenda in Arizona in April.  We had great weather for the Tempe Arts Festival.  I love the mountains and scenery around the area.  We always go to the Swap Meet and lots of fun shopping places.


Sorry I missed April but things got busy with lots going on.  My dear friend Elizabeth Singer hosted a wonderful Tea at her home.  There were so many delicious treats to choose from.  We always enjoy getting together and sharing our latest endeavors and catching up.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Art of Wild Abandonment Class Project

I am having so much fun in this class.  Lots to learn and practive with the watercolor paints, watercolor crayons, gesso and markers.  Lots of expiramenting.  I have never done much sketching so this is new. It is fun to add some She Art techniques into the "Wild" Class.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working on sketch and watercolor projects.

My first attempt at sketching and watercolor.  It will definitely take some (make that lots) of practice.  I just love the look of watercolor.  If  would like to look into some classes that are really fun go to 

March 11, 2012

Enjoyed The Lorax movie with my grandson Edlen.  We came home and got out the bubbles and the chalk as it was a really lovely day.  Then grandpa ordered pizza.  After that I returned him to his mom and dad who missed having him around.