Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crafty Apron

I wanted an apron to wear while crafting in my studio that would help inspire me.  With a 50% off coupon in hand my friend EB and I went to Michaels and I picked up this pink plain bib type apron for $2.99.  We then stopped at the local antique market where I found this round table topper with this wonderful lace trim and stitching.  I just cut off a portion of it to fit the apron and sewed it on and applied some trim from the Fabric Outlet (next door) with Fabri-tac.  I added lace at the top that was cut off a portion of the fabric. 


  1. Saw this in person - REALLY cute!!!

  2. Hi Susan, loved having you visit my blog. It's always a treat to meet new people. Your apron is so charming, unique and very clever. And I love your fairy gardens too. Thanks to my grand-daughter I am creating one in my yard. There's an old cherry tree in the side garden and at the base is a hole in the trunk. I think a perfect place for the fairies to hide during the day. I found the cutest little church at a yard sale to add to the garden. It's so much fun collecting pieces for it.