Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sitting here stuffing my face with red raspberries.  Have not seen the black ones yet.  I think those are sweeter.  It is a beautiful day/weekend.  Just hangin out and relaxing.  Thought I would catch up on my blog.  I have been held back by the notion I should catch up on everything and then I decided that it is all just old news.  So instead I will post some things I have been working on.  I decided to take some online classes for different art mediums.  I joined LifeBook 2012 and am enjoying it although I am way behind on doing the lessons, big surprise.  Also, signed up for 21 Secrets and I am enjoying that also.  Having access to all 21 lessons at once was a bit of a struggle.  I just did not know which one to do first.  But it is nice this way as you can work on what strikes your mood at the time.  So that has worked well for me.   I also decided (like I did not have enough on my plate) to sign up for ICAD offered FREE through Daisy Yellow.  It is "index card a day", whereas, you create your art each day on an index card and quickly.  I will post pics on those later.
Nature Angel
8x8 paper and paint mixed media collage

Whimsy Birds LifeBook 2013
Art journaling 21 Secrets

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